The Future

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Eventually, Denver Dream Lab will be a place that serves as the center of the community! Buy adding park grounds around the main building, Denver dream Lab would be a massive park and playground, with water features , skateboarding/biking area, and play structures that foster creativity and imagination, an outdoor style amphitheater, as well as a sculpture garden by local artists.  A place where families spend time during the day, students spend time after school and parents can go at night and take classes. Classes are taught on how to parent, cook healthy meals, grow a garden, English language, math and writing skills, GED, Entrepreneurial skill, even on how to write a resume and how to have a successful a job interview.

The building will house a free store, where people can just pick up clothes, say for their interview or for the kids. No charge. We would also partner with the local grocery stores to  get free day old bread for families. The building with have community gardens and a green house to supply healthy organic meals to the area.

Another area will house a toy library. People donate toys and when kids come they can check them out for a week or two. Then bring them back when they are done, worst case scenario, they keep it, because they loved it so much and we put a toy no one wanted anymore into the hands of a kid who wants it so bad they have to keep it. (They would of course, just have to ask for it and not just take it.)

Weekend events would include a farmers market, swap meets, plays and musical performances, that can all be enjoyed free, providing families a great activity that is safe and fun.


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