The Vision

The vision of the Denver Dream Lab is simple, it is about access, giving kids access to knowledge , instruction and equipment and adults with knowledge and passion access to kids that have a thirst for it, but not the access.

The Denver Dream Lab is a place in a low income area, where kids can go after school and weekends and develop and have access to things that interest them, perhaps a hobby or a career direction.

There are plenty of you out there that want to buy a book or a basketball, or a camera or an electric guitar for a kid that really has a passion for it, and will use it everyday, maybe even changing the trajectory of their life. I also know there are plenty of people that have a skill, a passion and want to share it with someone, they want to take a kid like they were when they were young, interested in music and help them learn to play a guitar or show them how to take a song and use a software sound board to make a track. They would love to do that once or twice a week.

SO the Denver Dream lab does that, gives both sides access to each other!

Just think if Ansel Adams parents could not afford a camera, or Michael Jordan’s parents had to chose between a basketball and food for the day. What if John Lennon couldn’t afford a guitar, or Bill Gates was born in East LA, or what if Beethovan’s parents where Baroque. Sorry I had to write it) It is not hard to imagine what how life can change, not only for a child, but for the world itself! What if? What if?


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