What Can I Do To Help

Want to help? We need you! Here are a few ideas:DenverDreamLab_Logo_rev3

Currently you can help by finding us a person who is experienced in non-profits start ups, and writing a business plan.

Once we get further along, well this is how you can help.

(Coming soon)

Option 1

We’re looking for people who have a skill or passion they want to share with some small proteges! It’s wonderful to donate $50 to a charity, but it can be even more helpful to donate your time to teach a child how to do something they have always wanted to learn. We have students interested in photography, baseball, football, painting, cooking, website design, computer game design, t-shirt design, cartoon drawing, electronics repair, robotics, rocketry, astronomy, bicycle repair, movie making, and music making (anything from electric guitar to sound engineering software). If you have knowledge in these areas, we need you. A donation of an hour or two, one to two days a weeks would be perfect.

Option 2

We have kids with no access to the equipment needed for their hobby While it is great to use these tools at the Denver Dream Lab, it is even better for kids to have unlimited access to them! We need new or gently sports equipment, digital cameras, musical equipment, bicycles, and computers.

Option 3

Buy a shirt or mug, all profits go to Denver Dream Lab!

Option 4

Donate money! We need funds to pay for rent, electricity, advertising, equipment and small stipends for staff.

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